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Terms of Use

The following general Terms & Conditions of Sale govern the offer and sale of products on our website (www.amenforyou.com).


1.1 The online vendor “AMEN” offers products for sale on www.amenforyou.com, i.e., The Website. The website offers a wide variety of products – Jewish originated blessings and greetings.
1.2 By using this Website and/or by placing any purchase orders using the Website and/or by using any information provided by the Website, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions set forth herein. If you do not agree to abide by these terms and conditions you are required to cease all use of this Website. These Terms & Conditions constitute the legal basis on any legal/non legal discussion between you and “AMEN” or any of its agents and/or representatives.

1.3 "The Website" reserves the right, at its discretion and/or suppliers discretion to change, modify, add or remove items available for purchase on the Website as well as item's prices and/or shipping costs and/or payments methods.
1.4 "The Website" reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice.



2.1 "The Website" is to be used only for placing orders and/or purchasing products.

2.2 The submission of orders and/or the purchase of products is permitted to any person over the age of eighteen (18) or a corporation holding a valid credit card bearing its name on the day of the purchase.

2.3 The placing of an order and/or the purchasing of a product will be acknowledged by "The Website" only if all of the following terms has been met:

2.3.1 The credit card being used to make the order and/or purchase has been validated by the credit company;
2.3.2 The product is in stock or was supplied by the vendor at the time the order was placed;
2.4 In the event of an acquisition of products that has been made and it was found that the products ordered are not provided anymore by the vendor and/or its suppliers or are not in stock, "The Website" will notify the buyer by an appropriate message to an e-mail account and/or phone (pending on leaving details of identity and methods of communication as stated during the placement of an order).

2.5 "AMEN"'s servers perform a computerized registration of all operations, orders and acquisitions, therefore the servers registry database will serve as proof of these activities and their date of occurrence in order to facilitate the order's delivery.

2.6 "AMEN" is committed to make efforts for your satisfaction and to secure the website and its level of service, but does not commit that the online service will not be interrupted and/or compromised and/or run without error and/or will be immune to approach by an unauthorized computer, malfunctions, damages – including hardware, software or the communication lines to the website.

3. Making a purchase of goods or services on the website.
3.1 To ensure the provision of your order you need to verify that your order has been received and recorded on the website properly, containing all shipping, product and customer charging information. The website cannot deliver the product if the order was entered improperly even if the source of the fault is the site's computers.
3.2 "AMEN" and/or any of its representatives shall not be held responsible for any error committed by you in the act of entering your details as stated above. If a product is lost or additional expenses incurred as a result of inaccurate details provided by you, the Website shall be exempted of liability.
3.3 Before making a purchase you will be prompted to register into the Website, upon registration you will be asked to provide the following information: full name, ID number, e-mail address, home address, phone number, pick a username and password and payment method and information (in the case of an active purchase).
3.4 Personal information and/or private purchase activity will be forwarded to the various suppliers using an encrypted security protocol (SSL) common on electronic commerce. These details will not be transferred to any third parties except relevant suppliers and/or credit card companies and only to complete the purchase transaction.
3.5 "AMEN" and/or its representatives will not be responsible directly and/or indirectly in the event of acquisition details not received by the system and/or any other technical failure preventing the completion of purchase.
3.6 Online purchasing, inquiries and other actions are also available by telephone directly to "AMEN"'s offices.
3.7 After the execution and recording of your purchase a confirmatory e-mail will be sent to your mailbox (the address you provided during online registration), which will include all the details of the operation (i.e. "confirmation message").
3.8 If you choose to make the payment by phone, a confirmation message will be sent following the completion of the order. If a confirmation message does not reach its destination due to an incorrect and/or inactive e-mail address provided by you, "AMEN" would not be held responsible.

3.9 A confirmation message does not bind "AMEN" or any of its suppliers nor does it constitute an obligation to provide the products you purchased. The confirmation message functions as an indication to that the details of the order were accepted by the website's online system and will not constitute a confirmation of product delivery and/or payment for product and/or confirmation of any other action.

3.10 If a transaction was not approved by the credit company you will be notified.

3.10.1 The credit card being used to make the order and/or purchase has been validated by the credit company;
3.10.2 The product is in stock or was supplied by the vendor at the time the order was placed;
3.10.3 In the aforesaid case, delivery times are to be calculated in correlation to the approval time provided by the credit company, orders will not be prompted until resolution. If you did not arrange confirmation from your credit company within 7 (seven) days of receiving notice of refusal from your credit company the order will be considered null and void.
3.11 If you decide to complete the credit transaction via direct telephone contact with "AMEN", order will be considered valid only after receiving credit information and its approval by the credit company. As aforesaid, delivery times are to be calculated in correlation with the approval time provided by the credit company. It is to be clarified and emphasized that if you have chosen to be contacted by telephone and/or e-mail by an "AMEN" representative in order to provide credit information and did not respond within 7 (seven) days, "AMEN" reserves the right to cancel the order.

3.12 In any event and without limiting the foregoing, an action will be considered feasible only after the approval of the credit company. The Website and/or the supplier will only start the delivery process following such approval by the credit company.

4. Faulty Orders:
4.1 In order for "AMEN" and/or its suppliers to provide purchased products it is necessary that order details will register in "AMEN"'s computers properly including all payment and shipping details required.
4.2 Different reasons may cause malfunctions in "AMEN"'s ordering process. If you receive notification regarding incorrect information and/or failure that occurred during the registering process "AMEN" strongly recommends a direct approach via telephone to an "AMEN" representative.
4.3 "AMEN" and/or its suppliers cannot guaranty delivery in the event of incorrect details provided by you. Products returned to "AMEN" and/or its suppliers due to incorrect details provided by you carry shipping and handling costs.
5. Shipping Policy:
5.1 Products will be delivered within 14 (fourteen) business days of conclusion of the contract.
5.2 Delivery is performed by a shipping company which is responsible for proper shipping to the address provided by you during submission. Make sure the mailing address is accurate, complete and locatable by the shipping company.
5.3 "AMEN" and/or its representatives are not responsible for any delay in delivery of products resulting from an incorrect address provided by you or any other error in product description made by you during the submission of an order.
5.4 "AMEN" and/or its representatives are not responsible for any delay of delivery of products resulting from communication malfunctions and/or computers and/or servers and/or force majeure and/or war and/or hostile action, strikes, lockouts, etc.
6. Rates and Payments:
6.1 After completing the order, you will immediately be charged (subject to specific arrangements between you and the credit card company) full payment for the product ordered. Additional postage fees will apply in all cases where there are shipping charges.
6.2 "AMEN" may change the shipping fees from time to time and subject to pricing updates on the Website.
6.3 All prices appearing on the site are in U.S. dollars and/or Euros and/or NIS and include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Prices do not include shipping which will be added to the products price.
6.4 Cancellation and/or replacement performed in accordance with the provisions set forth on these Terms & Conditions will result in additional cancellation and/or replacement fees as well as shipping cost.
6.5 "AMEN" may update product prices and/or shipping and handling fees at any time. The valid price regarding a submitted order is the price stated when completing the ordering procedure.
7. Privacy:
7.1 All personal information submitted during the ordering procedure will be stored in "AMEN"'s database (with the exception of credit card and ID numbers that are not saved in "AMEN"'s database in any case).
7.2 "AMEN" will not provide any information regarding a purchase to any other party. Suppliers which require such information will receive it under a secure system (SSL) in order to complete the transaction performed on the Website.
7.3 Though the law does not carry any obligation for one to pass personal information, "AMEN" cannot complete the purchase unless such information is passed.
7.4 Following registration to "AMEN"'s Website you will be classified as a client, "AMEN" reserves the right to contact you by e-mail and/or writing and/or orally regarding new products, promotions, commercial enterprises, etc., subject to provisions of any statute.
7.5 If you wish not to be contacted by "AMEN" as stated above, you must specify it in the designated space in the first e-mail you receive, or requesting to remove your name from the mailing list. If you are a registered customer you can use your online card database manager.
7.6 Without limiting the foregoing, you declare you agree that "AMEN" may use information given to it to be used for statistical analysis and provide statistical data to third parties. In such case no personal data and/or personal information which can be used to identify you will be transferred to third parties.
7.7 "AMEN" dedicates resources and takes strict measures in order to prevent infiltration to "AMEN"'s Website and/or computers and to prevent possible harm to members privacy. However, errors cannot be ruled out completely, therefore you hereby declare that you will not have any claim and/or demand and/or file a lawsuit against "AMEN" or any of its representatives due to damages and/or malfunctions and/or disruptions that may occur as a result of such infiltration.
8. Cancellation of Purchase:
8.1 A purchase can be canceled as long as the product has not been delivered. The aforementioned shall not apply if the ordered product is defined as a "custom order" such as leather products and/or products with personal engravings.
8.2 Any purchase performed on the Website can be canceled within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the product subject to the product being properly wrapped and/or closed in its original packaging and without defects and/or wear and tear except in cases of "custom order" as stated above.
8.3 For credit/refund for gift vouchers for future purchases on the Website – see the section below.
8.4 In the event of cancellation you are required to contact "AMEN" by telephone. Following inquiry you will be asked to return the product to "AMEN" or alternatively, "AMEN" will send a messenger to you in order to collect the product at your expense.
8.5 Following the products return "AMEN" will provide you with a refund (excluding shipping cost). In addition, "AMEN" is entitled to offset from the original product's price, shipping costs for returning the product to the supplier and/or cancellation fee of up to 5% of the products cost or 100 New Israeli Shekels, the lower of the two.
9. Returns:
9.1 It is possible to replace a product purchased on the Website with a different product on the Website subject to the product being wrapped and/or closed in its original packaging and without defect and/or wear and tear.
9.2 To complete replacement procedure contact "AMEN" via telephone. Following inquiry you must return the product/s to "AMEN" or alternatively, "AMEN" will send a messenger to you in order to collect the product at your expense.
9.3 If the replaced product differs from the original product purchased in cost, you will be credited or charged in accordance to the difference between the original product's cost and the replacement product's cost.
9.4 In the event of cancellation and/or replacement of a delivered product you are obligated to return the product to "AMEN" at your expense.
9.5 Returning a shipped product will result in shipping and handling fees even if the product have yet to be delivered. Charges may include shipping and/or handling and/or packaging and/or any other expense made by the supplier as a result of the cancellation of the transaction.
9.6 The foregoing shall not apply to "custom made" products that had already been manufactured and/or shipped by the supplier.
10. Damaged Product:
10.1 Products are to be inspected upon arrival. In the event of a damaged product you must inform "AMEN" upon arrival.
10.2 The hipping and replacing of a damaged product is to be coordinated with "AMEN" by you.
10.3 If a product is damaged, responsibility for its replacement lays on its supplier.
10.4 If a product is damaged, and the supplier states that the product is damaged, you have the option to request an identical product or alternatively, request the cancellation of the transaction with all the implications. Determining whether the product is damaged is at the supplier's sole discretion. Any cancellation charges or refunds as stated above will be made after the supplier had determined that the product is damaged and at the supplier's responsibility.
10.5 The right to return and/or replace a product is subject to Israeli law.
10.6 Without detracting from the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, whether you received the product or not, cancellation of an order will be made via telephone to "AMEN" service center. However, if you already received your product – cancellation must be made within 14 (fourteen) days of receiving the product as stated above.
11. Gift Voucher:
11.1 Gift vouchers shall be redeemed within the specified exercise periods listed on them.
11.2 Changes in gift voucher value and/or Terms & Conditions may occur following the end of the specified exercise period. Contact "AMEN"'s service center in order to update prices and exercising Terms & Conditions.
11.3 Credit/refunds for an unredeemed gift voucher will be subjected to the provisions of these Terms & Conditions and are to be made within 14 (fourteen) days of purchasing the gift voucher. Credit/refund will be made only to the purchaser of the gift voucher. Without detracting from the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, the purchaser of a gift voucher may order "AMEN" to credit/refund the gift voucher's recipient within the specified exercise periods. Crediting/refunding the recipient constitutes a declaration by the recipient of not having any claims to "AMEN" whatsoever.
12. Liability:
12.1 Images on this Website are for illustration purposes only, it is to be clarified that due to the fact that the images are displayed on a computer monitor and/or printed by a computer, there may be differences in tone and color between images of products displayed on the Website and the exact shades and/or color and/or hue of the actual product supplied.
12.2 "AMEN" and/or any of its representatives will not be liable, under any circumstances, to any direct, indirect, punitive damages, incidental, special or consequential and/or any other damage of any kind including lost data and/or lost profit resulting from and/or related in any way to the use and/or performance and/or delay in use and/or inability to use the Website, moreover, the delivery or non-delivery of products and/or information, software, services and graphics obtained by using the Website, whether based in agreement and/or tort, whether in strict liability and/or any other cause, even if any damage or tort is known to "AMEN" or any of its representatives.
12.3 Without detracting from the provisions of these Terms & Conditions, factors and/or events beyond the control of "AMEN", delay and/or prevent ordering and/or supplying of products, in whole or in part and/or not in accordance to specified dates and/or computer and/or telephone malfunctions or any other communication methods involved in the completion of purchasing and/or shipping, whether by hostile action and/or strike and/or lockout and/or a particularly large reserve mobilization and/or force majeure will prevent and/or harm purchasing/shipping procedure – "AMEN" is entitled to announce the cancellation of any specific order.
12.4 If you are not satisfied with any part of the Website and/or any of these Terms & Conditions, you have the choice to contact "AMEN"'s management who will examine your petition carefully.
12.5 Services provided by the Website are to be used "As Is". You shall have no claim and/or demand to "AMEN" or any of its representatives on the basis of characteristics, capabilities, limitations or suitability of the service provided. "AMEN" or any of its representatives are not responsible for the servers on which the Website resides to be free of viruses and/or any other malicious elements which could damage, in any way, your computer and/or any other equipment by the use of the Website.
12.6 "AMEN" shall not be held liable in any event of failure and/or disruptions in delivery, given that "AMEN" acted in accordance with details provided by you.
12.7 "AMEN" will not be responsible for any damage caused to you and/or the recipient of the product due to a delay in supplying the product – unless the delay was a result of gross negligence by "AMEN". In the event of a gross negligence by "AMEN", liability will be limited to the amount of double the original cost of the product.
12.8 "AMEN" does not guaranty that the online service will not be interrupted, will take place safely and without error, will be immune to approach by an unauthorized computer, including damages, malfunctions in hardware, software or communications of any kind to the Website or any of its suppliers.
12.9 "AMEN" will not liable for any illegal operation done by you and/or third party which is not controlled by the Website.
12.10 "AMEN" may stop and/or prevent communication and/or access by you to the Website or parts of it at any time on its sole discretion and without notice. If you still wish to perform an action, after being denied of access, contact "AMEN"'s service center for further clarification.
12.11 Creating and/or adding links and/or performing any operations not in accordance to these Terms & Conditions is strictly prohibited. All who seek authorization do perform such acts must receive approval from "AMEN" prior to doing so.
13. Intellectual Property and Copyright:
13.1 "AMEN"'s Website contains materials and content protected by copyright, trademark, property rights, intellectual right and/or moral rights and/or any other right including content and/or images/pictures/photos and/or audio files and/or video files and/or graphics belonging to "AMEN" or any other third parties, including different suppliers, which products and/or services provided by them are published on the Website. Accordingly, all intellectual property rights, including copyright, designs, methods and trade secrets are property of "AMEN" only. These rights apply, inter alia, to all data, including product list, description and design of products and any other details related to its operation.
13.2 Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, sell, market and translate any information appearing on the website, including trademarks, images, texts, product design, product images etc., without receiving prior written consent from "AMEN".
13.3 You are not to use any content and/or materials on the Website, including personal use and/or commercial use, you are not to change and/or publish and/or transfer content/material from the Website to any other party in any media whatsoever, including the use of such content/material in order to create a different creation. The use of the Website is solely that which had been detailed in these Terms & Conditions.
13.4 All information and/or displays appearing in the Website, including graphics, design, verbal presentations, trademarks, logos, including editing and displaying them on the website is solely owned by "AMEN" Ltd. and/or any of its representatives. Do not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, or otherwise use any content displayed on the Website.
13.5 You are hereby agreeing not to upload to the "AMEN" Website any kind of information violating copyright and/or trademarks and/or any other rights which may constitute slander.
13.6 The name "AMEN" and the domain name of the website, trademarks (whether registered or not) are all property of "AMEN" solely and are not to be used without the prior written consent of "AMEN".
14. Indemnity:
The Misuse of the Website, including by way of copyright infringement and/or property rights and/or trademark infringement, including by way of uploading information and/or content and/or any other material constituting slander is liable to indemnify "AMEN" or any of its representatives for any expense and/or fine and/or damage and/or claim of any kind, including legal fees inflicted on "AMEN" as a result of your conduct.
15. Law and Jurisdiction
The applicable law for any orders and/or person making orders and/or these Terms & Conditions is only the Israeli law. Exclusive jurisdiction in any matter or dispute is given to formal courts in the city of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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