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About Amen

Amen brings people from across the globe closer to the Jewish sources -strengthening their connection to ancient wisdoms..

The written words charge us with energy of sanctity and allow us to believe in prosperity, good health and success.

Amen's blessings are works of art from the sources, offered as gifts. They combine authenticity and innovation and express affection, appreciation and respect.

Amen – Your blessing is your gift

A blessing from the Jewish sources conveys a deep message, invoking serious consideration and intent. In this day and age, we are constantly flooded with rapidly changing messages and information and the spoken and written word has devalued over time. The basis of these messages, written thousands of years ago, has been and will continue to be a source of strength and exhilaration.

A gift in the form of a blessing from the sources expresses attentiveness, consideration, wisdom and appreciation of the receiver.
The gift is an actual blessing and derives its force from its wishes and intent. With its emphasis on the written word, the blessing lends a positive energy to those who receive it. The giver will also be blessed, as "the blesser too, is blessed."

Amen's blessings from the sources are decorative, original products. Sold worldwide, these energy filled blessings are an up-to-date and unique concept and gift, combining the past, as a historic basis, with modern graphic design and original illustrations.

Amen embeds authentic texts from the sources in a new and modern 'package', thus, binding past, present and future.

Blessings can be found for every one of life’s important events. A blessing is bestowed with the hope of charging life and positivity into each occasion, using these significant messages.

The blessings bring the promise of happiness and wealth to our surroundings, whether a living or working space, public institution, hotel or a home. The blessings come in various colors, sizes and materials, including elegant high quality paper, canvas or leather. The large selection will allow you to suit the style to the occasion or person receiving the gift.

Amen's blessings are the beating heart of a powerful and extraordinary gift that gives the receiver an unforgettable and enforcing experience.

Amen continues to expand and improve its range, developing additional products related to Jewish sources.

Amen's Team

The Amen team is comprised of a wide range of highly creative professionals, including: visual communication designers, illustrators, product developers, digital media designers, programmers, copywriters, and many more.

Amen also works with permanent suppliers of the highest standard – printing houses for quality canvas and leather printing, framing experts, manufacturers of packaging materials, and others.

Amen's teamwork is marked by a creative, vital and positive atmosphere. The company holds its customers in the highest esteem and offers friendly, patient and attentive service.

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